Here's how I got the latest iPhone for less than $30! (you can do the same)

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iPhone, Laptop or Thermomix... Here's what you get when you open these mystery boxes.

A company with an innovative concept was created after the numerous bankruptcies caused by the global pandemic. This company allows anyone to obtain high-value technological objects for a fraction of the initial price.

The concept is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, and many people are jumping on the bandwagon to grab a bargain and even make some money! I did the test by placing an order and share the results with you in this email.

What are these mystery boxes with a minimum retail value of $100?

Treasure Box is a company offering private individuals the chance to buy the remaining stock of businesses that have gone bankrupt at very low prices through a mystery box system. Each box costs just $30 (including postage) and contains three brand new items of great value.

Here's how it works:

1. When a company (electronics, for example) goes bankrupt, Treasure Box buys back its stock at a very attractive price.
2. An inspection is carried out on receipt of the stock to ensure that each item is brand new and in its original packaging.
3. A sophisticated robot randomly allocates three new items to a box called the Treasure Box.
4. The boxes go on sale on the Treasure Box website.

Why don't they sell the individual items directly? The answer is simple: this clever sales model eliminates the need for physical shops and salespeople. Everything is centralised in a warehouse in Germany, where an automated robot fills the boxes. This method allows Treasure Box to make significant savings on staff and property costs, enabling them to sell a lot high-value products quickly and cheaply.

I placed my order and this is what I got

Curious to see if it was really possible to get a good deal, I ordered three boxes from their website for a total of $90 (delivery included).

I received my three parcels on Friday (I'd ordered on Monday), and this is what I got:

Contents of the first box :

- An iPhone (worth $900)

- A vacuum packing machine (worth $40)

- A modern shower head (worth $16)

Total value: $956

Contents of the second box :

- Mini spy camera (worth $40)

- Mini spy camera (worth $50)

- Headphones (worth $100)

Total value: $190

Contents of the third box :

- A coffee machine (worth $160)

- A tefal fruit & vegetable peeler (worth $10)

- A ps4 controller (worth $60)

Total value: $230

That's a total value of $1,376! This means that if I decide to quickly resell all the products I've received for 60% of their value on ebay, I'll make a profit of $735.60 ($825.60 resale price minus the $90 purchase price of the three boxes).

I resold the coffee machine the next day for $120, the camera took 3 days to find a buyer for $28 and I kept the rest because I intend to use them.

By selling just these two products, I repaid my 'investment' and got all the other products (including an iPhone) for FREE!

I can see why a lot of people jump at these 'mystery boxes'. I was lucky to get a phone, but even without it I would still have made a very good deal.

How to get one of these famous boxes?

There's only one way to get a Treasure Box, and it's very simple:

Step 1: Go to the official Treasure Bo website

Step 2: Select the number of boxes you would like to receive

Step 3: Enter your delivery and payment detail

Step 4: Receive your box(es) at home in less than 7 days and discover the 3 products worth a total of at least $100 per box.

The price is currently $30 per box, but I think it's going to go up quickly in view of demand.

Unfortunately, the company is a victim of its own success and is often out of stock (the last time I looked, not a single box was available). They do have new arrivals every day though, so if you want to get your hands on one you'll have to be quick!


The advantages of this model are numerous and at all levels:

âś… Bankrupt companies get some of their money back thanks to the immediate sale of their entire stock.

âś… Treasure Box obtains many high-value products at great prices and makes a profit by reselling them en masse to individuals for cheap.

âś… Buyers get valuable products for a fraction of their original price.

It's a win-win-win system where all parties gain an advantage.

The disadvantage is that the contents of the boxes are not known in advance, which can be a source of frustration if the products received are not to our liking. But in any case they can be resold for a quick and easy profit.

Conclusion: what should you think of these mystery boxes?

If you go to the site and find a box available, I'd advise you to buy it straight away (at the time of writing there are none available), because the value of the box is always at least 2 times the buying price. You might not get the latest iPhone or cleaning robot, but you'll get some very useful, high-value products that you can quickly resell at a substantial profit.

Treasure Box - Three High-Value mystery products

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